US Army Corps of Engineers Dock Conduct

US Army Corps of Engineers Bay Model Dock is a federal facility and as such in order for us to maintain our berth there we need to abide by their rules and regulations.  Safety and security of personnel and property is paramount.

Please read the list of rules below.  If at any time we determine that an individual is not adhering to such procedures they will be asked not to return as a volunteer with Matthew Turner.

1)  Parking space is limited at the Bay Model.  There shall be no parking at the Bay Model unless arranged ahead of time.  Drop off and deliveries only.

2)   Chris Gallagher is the Park Manager of the Bay Model and Marty Plisch is the Chief of Navigation.  Any movement of large equipment or deliveries must be approved and scheduled ahead of time with at least one of them – both if possible.

3)  At all times the gate on the pier must be closed and at the end of the day locked.  Please make sure the lock is interlocked on the ring with the master lock also found there.  That is specifically for the Corps.  If you find the gate open – close it anyway.  Someone can re-open it if they need to.

4)  Anytime there is work being done over the water or pier lifejackets must be worn.  Any use of large heavy equipment, hardhats must be worn.    At any time any member of the Corps of Engineers staff can stop work if they feel something is unsafe.   Please follow their instructions and stop work immediately and do not resume work until notified from someone from the Matthew Turner staff.

5)  Visitors must be escorted to and from the gate to the ship and not allowed to roam the pier.  Visitors should be kept to a minimum. 6)  Always obey instructions given by a Corps of Engineers employee especially if they are in uniform.  Obviously they are giving instructions for a reason.  It is imperative you be polite and courteous and follow their instructions. If you have questions with something – you can ask later.  At that particular time – follow their instructions.

Bottom Line – we are guests at the Bay Model and as such need to act accordingly.  At any time the Bay Model can ask us to leave if volunteers are not adhering to the rules or exhibit bad behavior.  So you can jeopardize success of this whole program if you don’t behave appropriately and could be removed from the team.

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